Kamerun: İnternet Penetrasyonu Ocak 2.7'e Kadar 2021 Milyon Yeni Abone Arttı

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Kamerun'da yaşayan 9.15 milyondan fazla insan, ülkedeki internet hizmetlerine abone oldu. HootSuit ve We are Social adlı iki kuruluşun istatistiklerine göre, sadece bir yılda 2.7 milyon yeni abone çevrimiçi oldu.

The current internet penetration rate which has been evaluated at 34% indicates a increase of 4% in 2020.

The number of people connecting to the internet in the country has dramatically increased in the last ten years from 2% in the year 2000 to 34 % in 2021 corresponding to the 32% increase in 10 year.

The report also that customer readiness, mobile infrastructure as well as affordability of devices and services have contributed to the sharp increase in internet usage.

The almost everyone in Cameroon subscribes to the internet using a mobile connections and especially via the use mobile devices.

The most widely used social media platforms used in Cameroon are Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. The name “Cameroun” is amongst the top ten search quarries on YouTube the statistics indicates.


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